Inspired by the great work that CALM do, The Karma Party staged an intervention in Liverpool City Centre on World Mental Health Day 2015 and invited members of the public to write inspirational messages for those who suffer and have suffered with depression.
All profits from the digital distribution of Elevate will be donated to CALM to help the prevention of male suicide in the UK.
Spread the word and let's start talking. The silence is killing us.

Available from iTunes (coming soon), Google Play and Spotify
World War

World War is the opening track from the forthcomng EP, Illumination (out August 11th) and serves as The Karma Party’s battle cry. It’s been a long journey from Dark Matters to Illumination but the moment is now here. We are the people, we have the power. This party’s always something you can believe in! 
They Tell Me

Its time to fight back! This is our new video for They Tell Me - Directed and Produced by Kode Media!

The official video for 'Collapse' filmed by Marianne Harris (www.marianneharris.co.uk) and edited by Daniel Callis
Here is a big thank you to Rock Hard Music Group for letting us use their studio!  Check them out here: www.RHMG.co.uk

This Is Britain

Filmed by Trifecta Films, Manchester

Not The End Of The World

Filmed on New Year's Eve 2011 from The Karma Party HQ