Rising out of the dingy, boarded up holiday underworld that is Blackpool, The Karma Party have come to make their mark on this tiny island as a thorn in the side of the establishment – four proud nemeses of the government, the royal family, celebrity culture, the banking system and the music industry. They are outsiders, firm proponents of “punk-step” – an innovative, punchy sound incorporating punk, hardcore, darkstep and dub elements with fast, melodic guitars and electronica, peppered with rapid-fire
destructive lyrics that explode into social consciousness.

The Karma Party released their first EP, 'Dark Matters', in 2013 with single releases, 'This is Britain', 'Collapse' and 'They Tell Me'. Touring extensively with bands such as Random Hand, Dirty Revoloution and Jaya the Cat, The Karma Party finished the year by writing and recording new material for their forthcoming EP, 'Illumination'. With new material set for release in Autumn 2014, the band have a hectic year ahead of them with national and international shows, festivals and a headline tour booked for October. Keep checking back for new material and updates and be sure to download 'Dark Matters' for free by clicking the tab above. 

'Right now we need bands to stand up and shout their discontent'

Rock Sound
'A band worth keeping an eye on for sure'

Big Cheese Magazine
'The Karma Party's rude and original style is something our music scene's been sorely missing' 

Hit The Floor Magazine
'Explosive lyrics that put questions to our very British society'